Focused Prosperity is the business umbrella for Peter Wright’s speaking, training, consulting and marketing activities.

 About Peter Wright


cropped-DSC_5456.jpgPeter Wright spent most of his life in Southern Africa (Rhodesia/South Africa/Zimbabwe). He has had marketing experience in large and small businesses. He has started and managed several of his own businesses in food packaging, export trading and finally a large horticultural farming enterprise in Zimbabwe. Peter moved to Canada in 2004 after he was illegally detained by the Zimbabwe government for refusing to vacate his farm during the violent farm takeovers starting in 2000.

Believing that the Internet, social media and ecommerce would have a major impact on all businesses, Peter started getting heavily involved in these new avenues soon after arriving in Canada. He has high numbers of followers on all the major Social Media platforms. His social media ranking scores are impressive and he is one of the most connected Baby Boomers on the Internet.

His speaking experience includes speaking to large and small groups, MC of awards dinners, training and committee work for many diverse organisations on two continents.

Peter was a member of the Institute of Marketing Management and Exporters Club in South Africa and is a member of Toastmasters International,  where he has achieved ACG and ALB accreditation. He is a past President of Woodstock Toastmasters Club and in 2015/16 served as Area 75 Director for Toastmasters District 86.

His sporting achievements included completing 4 Comrades Marathons (85 km / 50 mile) and many other marathons and shorter races. He has competed in equine sports including Polo-Crosse and Polo and has played squash and golf. He keeps fit by walking, cutting, splitting and carting wood to heat the old farm house he lives in with partner Sue, Mike  and 5 cats.

For a more detailed biography, visit his personal blog Peter Wrights Blog.